GPG in Outlook 2007 - OutlookGnuPG

A long time ago, I used PGP for signing my email, but I stopped using it. Probably because I didn't quite get the concept yet, but that has changed now. Today I switched to GPG for signing my mail and files, with all the required files running from my memory stick. One thing bothered me however, no Outlook 2007 support at all. There are some plugins around for older Outlook versions, but that didn't quite work out. So I decided to develop my own! And after a few weeks of development and testing, it's done and ready to be set free upon the world. […]

HOWTO: Setup IPv6 Tunnel on Windows Vista

I used to have an IPv6 tunnel on my old machine, but since I moved to a new desktop I didn't get around to setting it up again. That's gonna change today. First of all, why would you want it? Well, read on :) […]

HOWTO: Set up NTP on Windows Vista

By default, Windows Vista synchronizes once every 7 days with along with every other user out there. Let's change this to sync every half day with several NTP servers to get a more reliable time. […]

HOWTO: Installing Subversion on ReadyNas NV+

A little side-track from the Continuous Integration Build Server series, but still related as it'll be part of my CI infrastructure. A few weeks ago, I bought myself a ReadyNAS NV+ RAID enclosure and fitted it with 4x500GB in a RAID5 setup. The ReadyNAS runs Linux, I can SSH to it, and it has apt-get on it, with some outdated SVN sources however, so it has everything needed to just compile Subversion myself :) […]

Building a Continuous Integration Build Server

After my previous series of post about Design Patterns, I'm planning to tackle a new subject over the course of the following articles. We'll have a look at how to build a Continuous Integration Build Server from scratch. […]

Upgrading Subversion

Right after I posted my previous post I noticed the Svn 1-Click Setup is running hopelessly behind in SVN versions. Their default download link is still using SVN 1.3.2 and the latest link on the download page is only at 1.4.2, and both also have an old TortoiseSVN. That'll teach me to try out an "all-in-one" package! Let's just build everything with official binaries from now on, and get our source control upgraded to SVN 1.6.0, without losing any data. (Since I've already checked in quite a bit in my repository) […]

WoW - Multiboxing 101 - Introduction

When looking back at my World of Warcraft experience, I came to the conclusion that when added up, I've been playing this game for over 3 years already. I've even participated in the very first beta ;) The next thing I'm on, is trying out Multiboxing, which is the subject for today's post. […]

C# World Of Warcraft Armory Library 0.1

Since I started playing World of Warcraft again, I've taken a bit more of a developer approach to it this time, and after founding a little casual guild, I decided to create a site for it. Also because I'm quite geeky when it comes to statistics, and a bit of a theory crafter, I planned to populate our guild site with lots of stats. […]

Design Patterns - Proxy Pattern

Welcome back for another episode in the pattern series! This will also be the last article about Design Patterns, since I've finished reading the Head First Design Patterns book :) […]

Design Patterns - State Pattern

It's been a while again, but it's time for another pattern. Today we'll look at the State Pattern. […]

Design Patterns - Composite Pattern

It's been a little while again. I blame myself for installing World Of Warcraft again, too addictive. Anyway, time for the Composite Pattern. This is one I'm having a little trouble with to describe clearly. […]

Design Patterns - Iterator Pattern

Time for the next part in our series, the Iterator Pattern. […]

Design Patterns - Template Method Pattern

Time for yet another pattern, the Template Method Pattern. Have a look at all the other patterns in the series as well. […]

Design Patterns - Facade Pattern

Time for another, simple, design pattern. The Facade Pattern. […]

Wordpress 2.6 Upgrade - Fix Missing Categories

Apparently I'm not the only one having problems with the categories after a Wordpress 2.6 upgrade. So, time to give something back to the Wordpress community, some screenshots on how I fixed it. […]

Design Patterns - Adapter Pattern

We've seen quite a few patterns so far, and I'm glad so many people like them. Today we'll have a look at the Adapter Pattern. […]

Wordpress 2.6 Upgrade - Categories Missing

A moment ago, I decided to upgrade to the latest Wordpress version, I was running a bit behind on 2.2.3 :) The upgrade went quite smooth, all my plugins still work. But suddenly all my categories became empty strings. And the /category/ urls didn't work anymore either. […]

Design Patterns - Generic Singleton Pattern

A little follow up from yesterday's Singleton Pattern, where I asked for some help on how you would approach a generic singleton. […]

Design Patterns - Command Pattern

What's a lonely geek to do late in the evening? Write about the Command Pattern of course... […]

Design Patterns - Singleton Pattern

Today we'll have a look at a well known pattern, the Singleton Pattern. Most people have already heard about this one. […]

Design Patterns - Abstract Factory Pattern

Time to continue from yesterday's Factory Method Pattern by exploring the Abstract Factory Pattern. […]

Re-Enable user:pass@ IE functionality.

On one side you want to keep your machine up to date with all latest patches, but then there is "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (832894)", which disables the user:pass@ way of authentication. Now, do you update and loose this functionality (which can be handy), or don't apply it but have the other security it fixes unpatched? […]