I'm On Longhorn - Download Manager == Evil!

I got Longhorn installed!

I'm guessing the .iso got corrupted during my download.

It didn't took as long as I expected to install, no 5 hours like some blogs say. But more something like one hour. I didn't use Virtual PC though, got my laptop running on LH.

No 4-bit mode on first boot, and after I used my gfx drivers (which installed without any problem) I got it back on 1024x768 on 32-bit.

First did all the tweaks posted on the net, disable the right dockingbar, disable services, ...

Everything was running smooth when I rebooted after those changes. Not so terribly slow, althou shutting down takes some time ;)

It doesn't like Winamp 5, gets closed immediately after it's started. Winamp 2 works great though. Trillian Pro going fine as well.

Then I installed VS.NET Whidbey. Which gave me about 3 BSOD. but in the end I managed to install it using the 'Repair' function. Going to look at the dump file later on. Could be that my laptop got to warm and that the hardware went crazy.

Made my first HelloWorld in Whidbey, I already love the green/yellow status on the side. As well as the great 'Format Document' together with all the new settings about braces and indenting.

Also did my first XAML file. Then I noticed that I'm missing the Longhorn SDK. Everybody is talking about the PDC DVD. But I only have a CD with Longhorn?

Anyway, after setting the PATH var to include the 1.2 Framework and setting the LAPI var as well, MSBuild works and everything compiles. Next thing I'm going to look for is how to make XAML files with C# codebehind in VS.NET and compile them there.

One big annoyance I'm having: the Download Manager is evil!

I have 2 files in there always saying 'Connecting' and I can't delete or pauze them. If I dare to do that, it doesn't respond anymore, killing explorer doesn't help, logging on again doesn't help either. Only thing I can do is reboot.

Well, I'm running on LH now. When I have some free time and am somewhat familiar with it, expect some comments on it from me.

Update: Apparently I can get the SDK anyway, must have looked over it, another 574.1 MB to download.

Update 2: I can NOT get Longhorn for you, do NOT request it in the comments, I won't give it to you, you have to get it yourself. There's no warez here...