C# World Of Warcraft Armory Library 0.1

Since I started playing World of Warcraft again, I've taken a bit more of a developer approach to it this time, and after founding a little casual guild, I decided to create a site for it.

However, I'm a lazy developer, I don't intend to update the site regularly whenever someone joins or leaves the guild. Also because I'm quite geeky when it comes to statistics, and a bit of a theory crafter, I planned to populate our guild site with lots of stats. Where else would be a better place to get them from then the Armory? It contains everything I want!

After searching a little, I found various libraries for PHP, Perl and Ruby, but nothing for the .NET world. At least nothing that fetches everything I wanted, like Reputation and Skills. So, I decided to just write it myself! :)

Over the last week, I've been developing ArmoryLib, and decided to release it under the LGPL and use GitHub to store the source in.

You can find version 0.1 at https://github.com/CumpsD/armorylib under Releases.

Have a look at the Documentation to see more details on the API and some example output.

Please, feel free to beta test it! Let me know when you use it for your projects, and remember... LGPL requires you give prominent notice about using the library! (A link to this post will do)

I will make a future post showing how I've used it to integrate into our guild website.