Exam 70-536 - Input/Output

Finished another chapter in my book, Input/Output, which deals with the following:

Implementing serialization and input/output functionality in a .NET Framework application

Nice things I learned from this is how to easily compress and decompress data.

More importantly, the reason it is so easily, is because of the important role Streams play in the Framework. Once you get your head around streams, it's easy to use various sorts of them to get things done.

Another best practice I picked up, is to stop writing application specific configuration data to .xml/.ini files, but store them in the IsolatedStorage, it's the new Registry! :)

Besides the basic fundamentals of working with streams and the nice features you basically get for free once you know how to work with them, there are also some helper classes to work with the filesystem.

If you got any questions on the articles, feel free to comment.