Basisregisters (2021)

Digitaal Vlaanderen

Designed and developed a system of Flemish Base Registries which serve as an official source inside the Flemish Government with regards to all informatie about Belgian cities and postal codes, Flemish streetnames, addresses, buildings, building units, parcels and roads.

Every object is a separate Event sourced service with various projections for different outputs (Atom feed, REST endpoints, Redis caching) and synchronizations with other sources. Other applications can refer to and fetch data of these registries through a unique identifier.

The infrastructure has been setup as Infrastructure as Code with Terraform on AWS. All services are deployed as Docker containers to AWS Fargate. Monitoring and alerting is done via DataDog. A front-end for end-users in Vue, using standard components of the Flemish Government. All dynamic data with regards to releases and changelogs is fetched in realtime from GitHub.

Lead a team of developers and testers, perform code reviews on GitHub, manage deployments, maintain the technical planning. Introduced Open Source development model, maintained public GitHub repositories at

Event Sourcing, CQRS, DDD, .NET Core, C#, F#, Python, Web API, REST, Entity Framework, Dapper, SQL Server, Sql Stream Store, Aggregate Source, Atom, Redis, Swagger, Redoc, Autofac, Fluent Validation, xUnit, Git, GitHub, GitHub Actions, AWS (Fargate, RDS, S3, API Gateway, Cloudwatch, DynamoDB), Docker, Terraform, DataDog, MyGet, Jira, Confluence, Slack, Vue, JSON-LD, Kanban, OSLO, ACM/IDM, GeoSecure, Burgerprofiel, OpenID.

Arne Dumarey David is a great architect on our project. He has thorough knowledge of all the components in play, is always open for feedback and a great team player. The kind of person you want on every project.

Arne Dumarey
Senior .NET Developer, Digitaal Vlaanderen