Wegwijs (2017)

Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen

Developed an organisations and bodies registry containing entities which are part of the public domain, such as municipalities, churches, police zones, etc.

Built as an authentic source inside the Flemish Government, where other applications refer to and fetch data of these organisations through a unique identifier.

The system is setup as an Event Sourced API, using SQL Server with SQL Stream Store as a backing Event Store. This approach was a relief for the business side, which are completely involved in fleshing out the domain.

All data is indexed in Elasticsearch, providing a powerful search functionality across different departments.

Event Sourcing, CQRS, .NET Core, C#, TypeScript, Angular 2, Web API, Entity Framework, Dapper, SQL Server, Elasticsearch, Autofac, Fluent Validation, Paket, FAKE, xUnit, Git, BitBucket, Visual Studio Online, MSBuild, Webpack, Sendgrid, Azure (App Services, Database, Keyvault, Active Directory, Application Insights), Jira, Confluence, Event Storming.

Thomas D'haenens David is a major asset in our projects. Aside from the usual dev-competences one can expect, David provides the business with a dimension of insight, clarity and assistance I have seldom encountered with a consultant. Incorporation of new methods, team-player and being able to work solo where necessary, eager to evolve and that typical 'Fingerspitzen-Gefühl' that lets you separate the wheat from the chaff. A top player in his field as far as I'm concerned!

Thomas D'haenens
Service Delivery Manager, Informatie Vlaanderen