Upgrading Subversion

Right after I posted my previous post I noticed the Svn 1-Click Setup is running hopelessly behind in SVN versions. Their default download link is still using SVN 1.3.2 and the latest link on the download page is only at 1.4.2, and both also have an old TortoiseSVN. That'll teach me to try out an "all-in-one" package! Let's just build everything with official binaries from now on, and get our source control upgraded to SVN 1.6.0, without losing any data. (Since I've already checked in quite a bit in my repository) […]

Building a Continuous Integration Build Server

After my previous series of post about Design Patterns, I'm planning to tackle a new subject over the course of the following articles. We'll have a look at how to build a Continuous Integration Build Server from scratch. […]