About Me!

Let me start by introducing myself on this fresh blog..

David CumpsMy name is Microsoft software, not too shy of dabbling in other technologies either however.

I've been coding since 1998, started with Quick Basic and got my way op to VB6. Before that I mainly entertained myself with HTML, and hex editing all kinds of things. Computer age for me started at 7 years with an Amiga 500. Since 2001 I got into PHP and since then everything went a lot faster. Thanks to PHP I started learning Object Oriented programming, and it was also the language that brought me in contact with businesses, the first thing I coded for someone else was in PHP.

When I reached this point, I had learned everything myself. And then came the time I started learning to code in school.

Some languages I saw were:

  • Batch
  • Bash
  • Perl
  • RPG
  • C++
  • ASP
  • SQL
  • Java
And most importantly: C#

The year before we started getting C# in school, I already started learning it, and it's great. I'm addicted to C#, even more then I ever was to PHP.

C# got me in contact with everything .NET related. I love the framework, the power. It makes things much easier. It's even easy to convert code from VB.Net to C#! :)

Now I'm at a point where I got a decent coding background, I made all the usual coding mistakes (and probably will make a lot more), I got business experience, worked in a team and alone, big and small projects, internal and external. Technology still dominates most of my life, it's even relaxing in a way.

Have a look at cumps.be to get a more detailed overview of the projects I've worked and my skill set.

That's about it for now. If you want to know something, drop me a line!