Changed Job - Financial Architects

Well, what have I done during the last year? First of all, I graduated from school with highest distinction and got a job as a webdeveloper, creating ASP.NET sites. Actually, I helped to come up with and create a rather generic cms-like framework that is being used for all future sites, cutting back on development time when administration sections have to be made, and when a lot of re-occurring things have to be implemented in a site. That's about the only vague description I can give, since it's "top secret" ;)

After a year, I changed jobs, to my current job. I'm now officially a Technical Consultant at Financial Architects. Finarch is, as the name gives away, a company active on the financial market, with a datawarehousing solution. Where-as I'll be implementing this solution, with a team of consultants, at clients. The main reasons I went for this function are firstly the fact I've been specifically hired to go abroad, which is a very nice opportunity for me, seeing I'm still young and have to take advantage of that fact. Secondly, it's a whole new world I can learn from, and as a consultant, you're expected to know your stuff, which means I'll be learning a lot of new things, which is always a fun thing :)

That's about it. It doesn't seem much, adjusting from school life to working life took some time for me, but blog posts should be coming again now. I also dumped World of Warcraft, so I finally have spare time again!

The first techy mention again on this blog since long: This post is written with Windows Live Writer (Beta) and I really like it! It integrates smoothly in Community Server (which this blog is running on). It downloaded my blog style, allowing my to type this post in the style my blog is in, with the correct colors, and allowing me to get a live preview before publishing. And it has a built in spell checker.

I'll try out the image-inserting abilities a bit later, in my coming posts. The bad part is that it doesn't have tagging support for Community Server, or at least, I can't find it right away. Ok, it has support, it's just listed under Categories in the upper right corner, which I looked over.