DevDays 2005 Day 2 - Exams & Internship

The Developer & IT Pro Days 2005 are over, as well are my exams.

During day 2 we saw what is going to come with the next .NET version (partial files, generics, ClickOnce, ...) and what mistakes an admin can make in his IT setup and how to fix them.

The last one was really funny, but sadly enough those mistakes are often made, running SQL Server as SYSTEM, SQL Injection, simple passwords, no defense in depth, logging on as domain admin, ...

My exams are also over now, the last one of my current education, coming up next is a 3-month internship at Microsoft.

And just like Tom's doing, here is a picture of the Channel 9 guy, sitting together with the Azlan mascot on the tower of stuff I had to learn these last 3 weeks for my exams :)