Stream Music over WiFi - JustePort - .mp3 support needed

Right, about 2 weeks ago Jon Lech Johansen released Justeport, a tool to stream your Apple music files to your Airport Express. <

His site went down almost as soon as the big news sites picked it up, and the source of Justeport couldn't be downloaded.

I also didn't see much blogging about this, which is strange, because his tool is written in C#!

A few days ago I got an Airport Express and now I'm streaming .mp3 to it from iTunes (on Windows) but I have to use iTunes, and that's not something I like, making me go away from Winamp...

But JustePort can not stream .mp3 files to it, but the source is available (and here is a mirror), so maybe there is someone with a better understanding of handling music files in C# who could write something to stream .mp3 to it.

Hopefully there will be a Winamp plugin someday to do this.

It's a great piece of technology, a very small WiFi AP which you can plug in to an electric outlet and to your stereo and stream music to it through the air.

I guess if someone has too much time on his hands and wants a challenge, this is one, writing an mp3 player that can stream to the Airport Express (with volume control, play, pauze, prev, next and playlist support of course ;))

If someone is up to it, and needs someone testing it with an Airport Express, contact me and I'm willing to help you.