Student Evangelist - Longhorn Screenies

Well, here I am, playing mini-Evangelist in my class, telling about all nice .NET things.

And now with Longhorn installed, I wanted to show some screenies, and also prove that Pre-Alpha does not mean "If you touch it, it'll destroy your pc" ;)

I know you can find these anywhere, but these are my screenies, my personal sweeties, my preciousssss :)

First The Desktop.

Followed by hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del.

And don't worry, all your great software is still there, like Paint, Calculator and Notepad ;)

Here you got the proof that the IE team actually does add new things, and that it still exists. One of the features is to Clear Browsing Records. And in the back you see Visual Studio .NET Whidbey, with the nice yellow/green indicators to show which unsaved changes there are and which changes already have been saved.

And the end of this screenie round is during the Logoff, after which Remote Desktop closed.

I really like the default look, no kiddie look as in IE. But also not the Win98 look. Very nice black, stylish.

Regarding layout, Explorer doesn't seem to like me, it doesn't want to set my preferred settings for every map, even if I have told it to do so on every occasion.