DevDays 2004 Belgium - Introduction

First of all, DevDays 2004 Belgium was in Ghent.

And I live in Bruges, so, got to take the train of course.


Once arrived in Ghent, the bus took me to the International Congres Center, or the ICC. Where the DevDays were organized. It was a great location, in my opinion.

Here is the .doc with the sessions I followed. (And will follow tomorrow ;))

Let's start the overview. The day begins with breakfast, which was nice, as this is all something new for me I never had expected to get free breakfast (and lunch and in the evening as well). And free drinks all day long as well :)

There were a bit over 1000 attendees I've been told. Here's a pic from the breakfast (sandwiches and stuff).

After having something to eat it's time for the introduction by Bruno Segers (General Manager, Microsoft Belux).

I saw some Microsoft commercials, and I love them :p the ones were you see people doing regular every day things, and you see a possible future being drawn on it. Really beautiful commercial.

As you can see on the picture as well, the logo is a skinhead with a chameleon on his head. Which reflects 'Integrated Innovation'. Symbolic thing :)