Aribus (2010)


Ontwikkeling van het Aribus project waarbij bussen rekening houden met vertraging van treinen. Het beheer verloopt via een ASP.NET WebForms site, met jQuery voor AJAX gebruik en jQuery UI voor layout. De back-end wordt aangesproken via JSON. Gegevens worden opgeslagen in Oracle en uitgelezen door een Windows Service die op zijn beurt displays aanstuurt in de stations.

C# 4.0, ASP.NET WebForms, jQuery, WCF, Windows Services, Oracle, Resharper, Scrum, NUnit, Team City, TFS.

David Vercruyssen David is a highly trained developer with great motivational skills.

He was the Scrum Master for our project and fulfilled this role with great dedication.

David Vercruyssen
.NET Developer, RealDolmen

David is a high efficient and pragmatic worker. He delivers high quality code, using his strong technical knowledge, detailed testing qualities and driven by his perfectionism to deliver a finished product.

During this time, I really enjoyed working with him in the same team.

Koen Nuyts
.NET Consultant, Capgemini

Stefaan Bastin I've had the pleasure to work with David at NMBS-holding. During our numerous technical discussions on the way home I've got to know him as someone who keeps his eyes, ears and mind open. This combined with a profound knowledge of .NET, best practices and a good common sense. In short he is someone that gets things done in the best possible way.

Stefaan Bastin
.NET Consultant, ADMB iS

I recommend David for team leading. First for his skill to manage a team (3 developers) and secondly to achieve challenges in a hard technical environment.

Xavier Jarnot
.NET Consultant, Ausy