Financial Warehouse (2008)

Financial Architects

Beta testen van nieuwe releases als Quality Assurance.

Implementatie financieel warehouse project bij Daiwa Securities, Londen op basis van Service Broker in MS SQL Server 2005.

Ontwikkeling van financiële rapporten in Microsoft Reporting Services 2005.

Opleiding Microsoft Reporting Services 2005 geven bij klanten en intern.

ASP.NET, C#, T-SQL ontwikkeling op maat bij klanten te Londen, Luxemburg, Nederland en België.

C# 1.0, C# 2.0, ASP.NET WebForms, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, Service Broker, Reporting Services, TFS.

Dirk Van de Vyver David is a great guy to work with. He has very good technical skills and is always prepared to help and explain all options and goes for the best solution. He is very user oriented and has proven to be able to work step by step on a solutions and include the necessary tests.

Dirk Van de Vyver
Support Coordinator, Financial Architects

David worked at Daiwa for nine months as part of a team of consultants from Financial Architects. David demonstrated the ability to work independently with great creativity and enthusiasm; he successfully completed his work in the time required. He put in extra hours as necessary in order to meet specific deadlines. David is friendly, has a good sense of humour and worked well with all the members of staff he came into contact with. I would be happy to recommend David to any prospective employer.

Wynsley Riley
Senior Developer, Daiwa Securities SMBC Ltd

Filip De Vos David is the best .NET programmer I had the honor to work with in my career. His deep understanding of the .NET Framework enables him to always come up with the best solution for a problem. I think he reached this level of skill by having an unstoppable urge to research the technology at hand. He is also not shy to communicate his knowledge, which is a big bonus when working in a team.

Filip De Vos
Development Team Leader, Financial Architects

Bogdan Lacea David and I worked on the same project, Financial Studio implementation at Daiwa Securities in London. He is a brilliant business analyst and an outstanding developer. His skills and ideas managed to solve more than once issues that seem impossible to overcome at first sight. He is open minded and a very helpful colleague, always ready to advise and give a hand when needed. I warmly recommend David as a solid Microsoft developer and a kind and open personality.

Bogdan Lacea
Senior Consultant, Financial Architects