AppTrack (2014)


Developed an automated code review system based on NDepend.

C# 4.5, TDD, Foreman, Clean Code, Batch processes, NDepend, NUnit, StructureMap, Rhino Mocks, Angular, Yeoman, Bower, Grunt, NuGet, HTML 5, CSS 3, REST, Web API, OWIN, Git, GitLab.

Stijn Roosen A true polyglot programmer, David has a broad knowledge of what matters in today's software engineering. I worked with him on several architecture projects and have found him to be thorough in his work, but pragmatic when needed. I can highly recommend David as he certainly will add value to your team.

Stijn Roosen
Software Architect, Greenfield Consulting

Koen Metsu David is a highly motivated developer, ready to bring everything to the table to deliver maintainable quality software. Not only is David quick to understand problems and requirements, he's very likely to know what the customer wants even before they know it themselves. He's constantly training himself through deliberate practice, and will share what he learned with the team, improving not only the software but also the team around it. David is a true craftsman and our time as colleagues has been a pleasure. I'd immediately work with him again.

Koen Metsu
Software Engineer, KometSoft

Gert Servranckx I'm glad to be working together with David. He is a highly skilled software engineer who introduced multiple new ideas to modernize architecture, improve software quality and team follow-up.

Gert Servranckx
.NET Solution Architect, Demareg