Howest (2010)

Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen

Invited as a guest teacher for one semester to teach college students 2th and 3th year bio-informatics. Subjects were Algorithms and Datastructures, Webprogramming and Databases.

Sequence, Selection, Iteration, Array, Recursion, Grouping, Searching, Sorting, Pathfinding, Binary Heaps, Minimax, Levenshtein distance, Needleman-Wunsch, Hierarchical & K-Means Clustering, Neural Networks, PHP, Apache, SQL, Normalisation, MySQL.

Mieke Demeyere The students are very happy with David as teacher. He searches examples of their interest (bio-informatics) for his lessons.
David is very punctual, which is very nice to work with.

Mieke Demeyere
Opleidingscoördinator, Howest