Arta 8 (2009)


Design and development of a mobile development platform based on .NET 3.5, WCF and MS SQL Server 2008. This platform serves as a back-end at telecom operators to provide standard services such as billing, provisioning and routing. Additionally it also offered rebranding for virtual operators and gave network access to third-party developers.

C# 3.5, WCF, Pair Programming, Scrum, MS SQL Server 2008, Nhibernate, Sandcastle, Spring.NET, Enterprise Library, Nunit, Rhino Mocks, Fitnesse, Soap UI, Resharper, Cruise Control, MSBuild.

Jeffrey De Pretre I worked with David on a large .NET telecom project. David is a very capable software engineer, always ready to charge headlong into new territory be it frameworks, languages or methodologies. During our time together I've come to know David as a person who can argue a point with passion while still keeping a cool enough head to see other perspectives. It was a pleasure to have him aboard when tough architectural decisions needed to be made.

Jeffrey De Pretre
R&D Engineer, Artilium

Pascal Mestdach As a consultant I worked together with David for a couple of months on the Arta8 project. I really enjoyed pair-programming with him, because it was really effective. The way it's supposed to be! He likes to share his ideas and deep technical knowlegde to collaborate to the best solution. The project took great steps forward with him on board!

Pascal Mestdach
Enterprise Architect, 4C Technologies