Academic Questionnaires (2005)


After each Microsoft presentation or event, a questionnaire was sent out on paper.

To simplify this, a digital version was created. This project uses NSurvey as survey-framework, with SQL Server as back-end and ASP.NET (C#) as presentation technology.

Some adjustments were done to NSurvey, such as integrating MapPoint to visualise results per region.

New types of questions were also added to the framework, as well as applying the Microsoft layout to everything.

The 3 screenshots display the site and the MapPoint integration in the administration section.

ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, NSurvey, MapPoint, HTML, CSS.

Tom Mertens During the few months of his internship, David clearly demonstrated profound interest in technology. He worked hard, was really motivated and proved to be a quick learner. David also successfully delivered several presentations.

Tom Mertens
Developer Audience & Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Mieke Geertrui De Ketelaere During his internship, David has shown a very professional attitude towards his tasks given. Additionally, David is a great team player with a very respectful and correct approach towards other team members. His social character and his deep technical knowledge were very well recognised. I wish David all the best in his future job!

Mieke Geertrui De Ketelaere
Product Solution Manager, Microsoft