Survey (2005)


Each Microsoft survey required results to be processed and displayed visually.

This is a Windows application, written in C#, which reads XML results and visualises them.

The results can be delivered in XML or imported from Outlook based on the subject.

An export to Excel function is also present, which allows generating reports at the press of a button as soon as results start coming in.

C#, Windows Forms, Charting, XML, Outlook, Excel.

Tom Mertens During the few months of his internship, David clearly demonstrated profound interest in technology. He worked hard, was really motivated and proved to be a quick learner. David also successfully delivered several presentations.

Tom Mertens
Developer Audience & Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Mieke Geertrui De Ketelaere During his internship, David has shown a very professional attitude towards his tasks given. Additionally, David is a great team player with a very respectful and correct approach towards other team members. His social character and his deep technical knowledge were very well recognised. I wish David all the best in his future job!

Mieke Geertrui De Ketelaere
Product Solution Manager, Microsoft