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dotnetConf 2014
dotnetConf 2014 Call for feedback
This month, dotnetConf took place, a free, online conference for helping developers create desktop, mobile, web, and cloud-based applications using the .NET Framework. Some topics which get discussed are the future of C#, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, SignalR, Xamarin and much more.

If you saw something interesting, let us know if you wish to use anything in your current/future project.
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Back To Basics: On The Use And Abuse Of The Humble Boolean
The use & abuse of the boolean General education
We all know booleans, we all use them a lot. But do we always use them properly? Ian Nelson wrote Back To Basics: On The Use And Abuse Of The Humble Boolean to have a look at some best practices.
Read more @ Ian Nelson Systems
Null best practices General education
We've all been there, discussions on how to deal with null. Marius Schulz weighs in with some good advice with his article Stop Cheating the Type System.
Read More @ Marius Schulz
Stop Cheating the Type System
Adding an Overload is a Breaking Change
Adding overload = breaking? General education
When you're writing a library, you probably deal with versioning, and the question of breaking changes. Have a look at Abel Anders his article to gain some insight on the impact of adding an overload, as well as using optional parameters: Adding an Overload is a Breaking Change.
Read more @ Passion for Coding
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Introducing ASP.NET vNext
Introducing ASP.NET vNext Call for feedback
If you had a look at all the sessions included in previous newsletters, you're aware Microsoft has made a huge turn when it comes to Open Source and more open-ness. One of the big things is the rewrite of ASP.NET, codenamed vNext. Slowly but surely, things are taking to take shape, and more information is coming out: Additionally, the first Visual Studio 14 CTP also got released with the first vNext bits in it. Have a look at ASP.NET vNext in Visual Studio 14 CTP to see more details.

Are you actively involved in vNext, planning to use any of its features in your project when it is released? Let us know, and we can have a look together.
Read More @ MSDN
Paint.NET 4.0
Paint.NET 4.0 General education
Since we're not all designers with a Photoshop license, we still need to do some small graphical work from time to time. With regular Paint being far from great, a lot of us use Paint.NET instead, which have now released version 4.
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Scott Hanselman's 2014 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
Developer Tool List General education
Besides Paint.NET, there a lot more tools out there which are useful to developers. For the last ten years, Scott Hanselman has been putting together a nice list of useful tools, have a look: Scott Hanselman's 2014 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows.
Read More @ Hanselman
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Are there topics which you would like to know more about, or which you would like to share? Do you need technical assistance or just want to have a talk about architecture and best practices? Feel free to contact us whenever you like, we love a good talk.
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