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NDC Oslo 2014
Norwegian Developers Conference Oslo 2014 Call for feedback
This month,the NDC conference took place, which can be seen as one of the biggest alternative .NET conferences. In our March newsletter, we already mentioned their previous recordings. As of now, you can view all 2014 session as well. If you saw something interesting, let us know if you wish to use anything in your current/future project.
Read More @ Vimeo
Superhero.js General education
As you all might know, over the last few years, client-side development has only become more and more important. At the same time, technological advancements in the field of JavaScript are coming at an increasingly fast speed. The Superhero.js site is a collection of the best articles, videos and presentations.
Read more @ Superhero.js
CSS Diner General education
Gone are the days where you only had to select CSS by element, class or id. We now have a lot more selectors available to us. CSS Diner is a small interactive game to get to know all available selectors.
Read More @ Flukeout
CSS Diner
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Moving to TypeScript
Moving to TypeScript Call for feedback
The creators of a big JavaScript library decided to move to TypeScript. In their blog, they motivate their decisions and tell about their experiences. For anyone reading in to TypeScript, this can give valuable insight. Do you have any feedback on TypeScript, or does your project would like to try it out? Let us know, and we can have a look together.
Read More @ Eternal Coding
Async - There Is No Thread General education
Recently, we received a question related to async and threading. A common thought is that when doing async, a lot of threads must be waiting for something. This is however not correct, have a look at this detailed explanation about what happens in reality.
Read More @ Stephen Cleary
Async - There Is No Thread
CommitStrip General education
Some lighter material to have a look at during your lunch break, a comic relating to the daily life of developers, both in English as in French.
Read More @ CommitStrip
The Joy of Tech
The Joy of Tech General education
To provide some variation during lunch break, you could also check out The Joy of Tech, a comic about the impact of technology.
Read More @ Joy of Tech
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Are there topics which you would like to know more about, or which you would like to share? Do you need technical assistance or just want to have a talk about architecture and best practices? Feel free to contact us whenever you like, we love a good talk.
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