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TechEd North America 2014
TechEd North America 2014 - vNext Call for feedback
This month, Microsoft's TechEd conference took place, with a lot of announcements. One of the biggest was a view on the future of ASP.NET and .NET in general. A lot of big things are changing inside Microsoft, where modularity and being more open takes a central role.

In a previous newsletter, we already encountered OWIN, the middleware between web server and application. Microsoft will build all of vNext based on this, MVC 6 (which combines MVC, Web API and Web Pages into one), SignalR 3, and Entity Framework 7 will all follow this philosophy.

The following articles give a nice overview on the future: Let us know if you saw something interesting which you wish to use in your current/future project.
Read More @ .NET Framework Blog
Katana General education
In our first newsletter, we saw mention of Katana, the Microsoft OWIN implementation. Combined with the news from TechEd on the future of .NET, this is a good time to have a closer look at Katana. Have a look on why Katana should be on your radar.
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Top 10 C# Mistakes General education
From time to time it's good to look at the basics, since a good fundamental knowledge helps any project. This month we have a look at some common mistakes in C#.
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Top 10 C# Mistakes
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Encapsulation vs Inversion of Control
Encapsulation vs Inversion of Control General education
Everyone knows encapsulation, and by now everyone should know what Inversion of Control is about. These don't always go hand in hand however. This month we have some food for thought on the relation between the two, with this article by DaedTech. Have a look, and think by yourself, are we building a Mars Rover here or line of business applications?
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.NET Framework 4.5.2
.NET Framework 4.5.2 Announcement
A new update of the .NET Framework has been released, this brings us at 4.5.2.
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Visual Studio 2013 Update 2
VS 2013 Update 2 Announcement
Besides a new .NET Framework version, an update for Visual Studio 2013 has also been released. Containing things like MVC 5.1.2, EF 6.1, OWIN, NuGet 2.8, and more...
Read More @ Visual Studio
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