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//build/ 2014
//build/ 2014 Call for feedback
At the start of April, Microsoft's Build conference took place. With a series of fast-paced announcements and presentations by several key personnel demonstrating the company's shift to open up more to developers. All these sessions have been recorded and made available at Channel 9. Most of the development announcement which generated the most buzz happened on Day 2. Let us know if you saw something interesting which you wish to use in your current/future project.
Read More @ Channel 9
Heartbleed General education
Another month, another major security announcement it seems. Heartbleed enabled anyone to read out the memory of the webserver, letting potentially sensitive data leak to anyone. This XKCD comic visually explains it nicely. To get a good understanding, read Troy Hunt his great explanation. Finally, if you want to test if your HTTPS site is vulnerable, you can run this test.
Read more @ Troy Hunt
IList or IEnumerable? General education
One of those age old debates, what should you use when you want to return a bunch of things? Should you always follow Resharper which loves to use IEnumerable everywhere? Are there other reasons? Have a look on what Erik Dietrich has to say about it to get another view.
Read More @ DaedTech
IList or IEnumerable?
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Git for Team Foundation Developers
Git for Team Foundation Developers General education
A few months ago, we told you about a nice introduction to Git. This month we'd like to point you towards a blog series by Kirk Evans on how to work with Git, coming from TFS with Visual Studio: This series should get you started on using Git from Visual Studio, along with getting a better insight in the working of Git itself.
Read More @ Kirk Evans
Angular and Durandal
Angular and Durandal General education
Rob Eisenberg, creator of Durandal and Caliburn.Micro gives us a quick look on the future of Angular, now that he has joined forces with the Angular team.
Read More @ Eisenberg Effect
SCRUM General education
A great resource for teams which are using or starting with Scrum, is ScrumHub. Feel free to contact us if you are planning to use Scrum or have any questions.
Read More @ ScrumHub
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Are there topics which you would like to know more about, or which you would like to share? Do you need technical assistance or just want to have a talk about architecture and best practices? Feel free to contact us whenever you like, we love a good talk.
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