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GOTO Fail, A real-life security vulnerability
GOTO Fail, A real-life security vulnerability General education
Last month, it was all over the news: a critical security vulnerability in iOS and OSX. One that affected all SSL traffic, rendering its security useless. Now the dust has settled, and we had a look at what the cause was, it turned out all it took was duplicated line containing the code goto fail;

This serves as a reminder to all of us on the importance of having automated test coverage for your code. In this case, even having compiler warnings or Resharper would have shown the issue with a mention of "unreachable code detected". Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with automated testing.
Read More @ Wired.com
Norwegian Developers Conference
Oslo Developers Conference General education
Last month, we had some educational videos by Microsoft on Visual Studio 2013, ASP.NET Identity and more. This month we would like to present you with the sessions of NDC Oslo, a very popular conference featuring a lot of .NET talks.
View more @ vimeo.com/ndcoslo
Async Await - Why? General education
As of C# 5, a few new keywords were added, among them is async and await to deal with asynchronous execution. In the past this was hard to accomplish, but with this new style everything should be easier! Have a look at this high-level introduction on what it's all about.
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Async Await - Why?
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Intro to Inversion of Control
Intro to Inversion of Control General education
Last month, we had a look at Dependency Injection, which is really a specialized version of Inversion of Control. To put this in a broader context, have a look at what Inversion of Control is all about. Keep in mind although you can accomplish Inversion of Control through a Service Locator, the preferred approach is by using Dependency Injection.
Read More @ MSDN
Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio 2013 Call for involvement
Microsoft is about to roll out Update 2 of Visual Studio 2013. We would like this opportunity to encourage everyone to upgrade to Visual Studio 2013. Contact us to upgrade your project to the latest supported version.
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Resharper Call for involvement
Another tool many of you use, is Resharper, which we love. To get more out of it, have a look at the cheat sheet and the demonstration videos. If you don't use Resharper today, you should start using it right away!
Resharper Shortcuts
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Are there topics which you would like to know more about, or which you would like to share? Do you need technical assistance or just want to have a talk about architecture and best practices? Feel free to contact us whenever you like, we love a good talk.
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