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Building Modern Web Apps
Building modern web apps Call for feedback
Last year, Jon Galloway, Damian Edwards and Scott Hanselman recorded about 8 hours of training on ASP.NET 4.5, MVC 4, HTML & jQuery, Web API, SignalR and much more. This year, they spent another day creating these free courses, giving you everything on Visual Studio 2013, ASP.NET Identity, Entity Framework, and the future of webhosting, Katana. If you're interested in web development or just like to see some best practices, these are worth a look! Your feedback about the use of these technologies is always welcome.
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Try Git
How to use Git Call for involvement
With Git increasing in popularity, and Microsoft adding Git support to Visual Studio 2013 and TFS, it is interesting to have a look at how basic Git works. Have a look at this short hands-on lesson to get git. Currently, we're also evaluating the use of Git together with the Business Unit, if you have experience using Git and would like to get involved, let us know!
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Dependency Injection Explained General education
Over the last few years, you probably came into contact with talk about Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection. Maybe you already used it, maybe it's totally new for you. Either way, we found a very short (maybe 5 minutes) explanation on what Dependency Injection is in its simplest form. Have a look!
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Dependency Injection
More training required?
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AngularJS Call for feedback
Let us know which one you prefer! Do you like working with AngularJS? Built by Google since 2010 and gaining popularity by the day. Developed as a framework.
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Knockout Call for feedback
Or perhaps you like Knockout more? Developed by a Microsoft employee and received some tooling support last year as well. Developed as a library.
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Are there topics which you would like to know more about, or which you would like to share? Do you need technical assistance or just want to have a talk about architecture and best practices? Feel free to contact us whenever you like, we love a good talk.
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