Long Absence - Design Patterns

It's been a while again, real life issues managed to take over all time... But, I'm regaining ground and winning back some of it ;)

For the first time in years, I've managed to get around reading a real book again. Last week I picked up a copy of Head First Design Patterns and started on it yesterday. As far as I can tell, only read the first chapter so far, it's a great book!

It's not like a usual learning book, which tend to be pretty dull when it comes to formatting or the type of language used. This book reads like a great story, filled with images to clarify and explain concepts. The images aren't even optional, when you really want to learn, you have to read them to get the full picture.

As a form of learning, I plan to write a blog post about each pattern I finish, explaining it in my own words, so it 'sticks' a lot better for myself as well, helping others at the same time. Stay tuned!