For one of the projects I had to do, I had to create an online survey application, which would be used to gather feedback from Microsoft events. Up until then, feedback was collected by handing out a form and entering the data manually.

As I was given free choice on how to solve this problem I suggested using an existing open-source framework and extending it to meet the requirements. This suggestion was quickly approved because on one side it meant commitment from Microsoft towards open-source and on the other hand it prevented re-inventing the wheel. The project used for this solution is called NSurvey. This provides a survey framework, making it very easy to setup surveys, add questions, add users, do mailings, implement security on a survey-based level, perform statistical operations on the answers and add new functionality by extending on existing classes.

NSurvey is an ASP.NET application, written in C#, which uses a SQL Server back-end, using stored procedures, and various other layers. The installation of NSurvey went very smoothly because of an msi file, placing all files in their correct location.

I started by testing the application and learning the big structure of how it worked. During this small test round, I began thinking on how the final solution would look.