Troubleshooting DotNetNuke 2.1.2 Installation

I had a lot off trouble installing DotNetNuke. This popular portal application kept me busy for an entire afternoon and night.

First I got ASP.NET errors about columns missing in tables, then about stored procedures. When those were gone, the application itself managed to hang IE.

So, for everyone else who might be suffering from this, or will give it a try and encounters the same, here's my installation guide for 2.1.2:

The SQL errors occured when using SQL Server as Data Provider, the IE errors always occur.

This step is for everyone using SQL Server:

  • Download
  • Extract this, follow the normal installation procedure, this version doesn't give any problems.
  • Open the site so that it creates the tables and stored procedures.
  • Download
  • Delete all files from 2.0.4 but keep your SQL Server tables.
  • Extract 2.1.2 in the same location.
  • Open the site, now you got passed the missing columns errors!

This step is for everyone:

  • Download
  • Extract this to a temporary location and get the file spmenu.js from controls\SolpartMenu.
  • Copy this file to 2.1.2 overwriting it.
  • You now fixed the IE errors!

And at this point you got a working DotNetNuke 2.1.2 version, which you can begin skinning etc.

Let's hope future versions don't require so much hassle.