Basic C# Examples

I was thinking last night, all posts here are very great, and made by all those smart people. But why is it that my fellow students hardly read them? Or why don't you hear them a lot?

Some of my possible conclusions were:

  • It's too hard, most of the posts here require background or understanding, which we as students don't have that much yet.
  • No real basic examples. There are snippets, there is a lot of code being posted here, but the target audience here isn't the beginning programmer, we mostly write for people who already know a lot.
  • ...?

And because of that, and because I want to raise interest among the people I know, I decided to ask them for questions they had about C#, and try to answer them by example.

I'm gathering subjects to write on, very basic subjects, appealing to students as well. And I'll try to create an application that answers their question and provides code they could extend.

Hopefully I can keep this up, because I'm learning a lot from it as well. It helps you to think of subjects you wouldn't have thought of otherwise. And I have to check out docs and examples as well to write an article about it from scratch.

The first article is about 'How to get on IRC with C#'. I created a basic Console IRC Bot along with some comments. The example uses tcp connections, streams and events. Source code is provided as well.

I hope other students like the idea... (not only students by the way, everyone can use samples!)

Let me know if this is a good plan. (Or if you have negative comments, go ahead as well ;))